A Dashie Discovery

Ex hairdresser Leslie Winters moves back home to Pecan, Texas after her good-for-nothing-high-school-sweetheart, and now ex-husband, left her for one of her clients.

Now she’s taken up grooming pets, since she thought they’d be easier to deal with than gossiping locals.

Living with her parents and working out of her dad’s old shed isn’t ideal, but as daddy always says, you gotta start somewhere.

While taking a pair of Pomeranians home, she’s shocked to find their owner, Mr. Williams, in his hot tub wearing nothing but a tiny swimsuit, his Stetson, and a bullet to the head!

Ready to solve the mystery?

A Pom-Pom Premise

My dog grooming business has picked up big time, thanks in part to my role in solving a local murder. Now I’ve got more dogs than I can handle—and a fresh case to solve. Who needs time for a personal life, am I right?

Unfortunately, it seems like everyone had a bone to pick with Joey Atkins, local dog breeder and recent murder victim. Yup, his list of disgruntled clients is more than I can shake a stick at, including a good friend of mine who just might be the prime suspect.

It’s enough to make me barking mad, especially when the situation turns ruff. Can I sniff out the killer, or will this case have me running away with my tail between my legs?   

A Poodle Perplexity

After solving two small-town murders, I’d thought I’d seen everything. Cue the last thing I ever expected to happen—a dog wedding.

Of course, my best friend is bothered when the owner-of-the-bride selects her rival baker to make the posh cake for her poodle pair. So when said rival turns up dead, everyone is quick to point their fingers straight at my bestie.

I, for one, know everyone’s barking up the wrong tree, but the evidence against her is already stacking up like layers of one magnificent murder cake.

Doggone it, I can’t keep my nose out of this one, no matter what my kind-of, sort-of detective boyfriend demands. It’s time to put all my hard-earned skills as an amateur sleuth to the test. My best friend’s career—and her freedom—is riding on it.

Ready to solve the mystery?

Cannoli and Corpses

I always knew a handsome stranger would show up on my doorstep, I just didn’t expect him to be a corpse.

But when you’re one of the Strega’s—Italian Witches— life’s anything but ordinary. Our bar & bakery in New Orleans is known for being a little quirky, just like the Quarter itself, so it’s no surprise we tend to attract the peculiar. But a dead guy sporting bite marks on his jugular? That’s a new level of weird—even for us.

With our family’s ancient secret on the line, it falls to me, Gia Strega, part-time witch, full-time barmaid, to crack this case before the cops beat me to it.

Easier said than done, especially with my Ma, Nonna, and the entire extended family breathing down my neck. Then there’s Homicide Detective Brad Sullivan, all serious and brooding, thinking he can solve this supernatural puzzle without my help. Good luck, Strunzo.

As the body count rises and the suspect list grows, we’re pulled into a mystery wilder than a Mardi Gras bachelor party. And just when we think we’ve got it all figured out, the Quarter throws us another curveball. It’s a ride even the wildest witches couldn’t predict, and I’m determined to solve it, even if it means putting my own neck on the line.

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